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On Burnout

I’m tired. My brain is tired. My body is tired. I keep thinking that I’m getting to old for this s#*t, and then I have to remind myself that my grandmother was older than I am now when she finished nursing school. She had four children and three grandchildren to look after. I have a cat and two part-time jobs. And then I suck it up.


Just five more weeks in the semester…


I Don’t Even Have Time for This Post Right Now

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I have my first exam on Monday but I just wanted to say hello gotta go now bye.

This Could Have Been a Totally Crappy Day

Today started out kinda crappy. I overslept because I didn’t click the right box in my new alarm app (Note to Self: No more new stuff until the semester ends!). Being late is unacceptable, so I hustled and managed to get ready (at a most basic level) in about 20 minutes. My housemate’s girlfriend dropped me off, and I still managed to be on time. I got to seminar and there was a quiz. On the second day of school. I had studied for the dosage calculation test, but honestly, I only gave the chapters on leadership and delegation a cursory glance. That will never happen again.  Continue reading

So, I’m going back to nursing school…

This one is a little long, so grab your favorite hot beverage and a comfy seat.

I could be your nurse someday

It’s a little something that I’ve been actively working on for a year now. I currently hold a license in California as a Licences Vocational Nurse (LVN). (Texas is the only other state with LVNs; other states issue licences for Practical Nurses, or LPNs.)* I earned my LVN at my local city college, and as I had also completed the general education requirements and all but one pre-requisite requirements for an associates degree, I earned that as well, graduating in the summer 2008. Continue reading

Hospital Video Interpreter | Getting On on HBO

Laughing hysterically, because I’ve been there

The Optimistic Pessimist

So, I’ve been dealing with a few things this month. September has been a real roller coaster. A roller coaster that only seems to go down really, really, fast.  Continue reading