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I’m sure I’ve been this tired before, I just can’t remember when…


I was trying to sort the assignments I need to work on this week and my brain literally quit. I had no idea for a moment what I was even looking at.


Tomorrow is a clinical day, so I’m just going to prep for that, and maybe eat in the shower so I can sleep in my bed.


I Deserve a Break Today…

This one is kind of stream of consciousness-y…

It was so nice to sleep in today.

Let me be upfront: I am a night person. So all these early mornings requiring critical thinking before the sun is properly up just seems wrong to me. Before school started, it was nothing for me to stay up until 0200 or even 0400 reading a book or watching an entire season of something on Netflix, because I knew I could, with earplugs, sleep through the morning. So this being on campus by 0730 is kinda kicking my butt. Continue reading