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I See a Pattern Emerging…

…and I need to break it now.

Day one: I’ve outlined the readings, completed the written assignments, and I’m actually eager to get to class. I walk into class feeling prepared and confident.


I get home in the afternoon and take care of a few household matters, sit down to prepare for the next day…and discover I’m out of steam. I end up dragging myself through the rest of the evening, barely understanding what I’m reading, praying I’ll just pass out on my book.

Day two: What class is this? That’s due today, too? Crap! I left that on the printer! Quiz? Is she serious?


This is what happened last week, and here it is Tuesday of week two, and I’ve gone and done it again. Monday I was a rock star. Today I’m sitting in the very back trying to figure out how to salvage my shit.

But the fact of the matter is that I’ve got to keep rolling. And I’ve identified the issue early so I can fix it now. Make the appropriate adjustments and keep rolling. Because this semester isn’t going to wait for me to catch up.



I Deserve a Break Today…

This one is kind of stream of consciousness-y…

It was so nice to sleep in today.

Let me be upfront: I am a night person. So all these early mornings requiring critical thinking before the sun is properly up just seems wrong to me. Before school started, it was nothing for me to stay up until 0200 or even 0400 reading a book or watching an entire season of something on Netflix, because I knew I could, with earplugs, sleep through the morning. So this being on campus by 0730 is kinda kicking my butt. Continue reading

Hitting the Ground (and Getting Up) Running

So I had my first day of registered nursing school today. Because I’m Advanced Placement,  I started with the second year students and I’ll be finished in December. In one day I experienced orientation, lecture, and an in-class group assignment.

Tomorrow, I have a quiz on leadership and management, as well as an exam on dosage calculation using dimensional analysis. Tomorrow is the second day of class. And I haven’t finished the leadership and management readings.

But I’m not complaining, because I’m grateful to be here.