Nothing Wrong With a Little Self-Love

@TrainingMindful: “If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?” ~ #MayaAngelou #kindness
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I ran across this quote on Twitter way too early this morning, and it made me think. I’m not overly concerned about others being good to me; I’ve finally learned to surround myself with good folk, real folk, and don’t hesitate to issue a firm “girl, bye!” when someone ain’t right. No, I need to be good to me, because I’m a human that deserves to be treated well by everyone, even by my own damn self.And while I don’t fully embrace that whole “The Secret” business (I tried to read that hot mess, I really did), I do believe that a lot of the energy I radiate is reflected back to me. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. When I carried myself with respect, I was treated as one who commanded respect. When I walked and talked like I believed I was beautiful, I was told I was beautiful (boy, do I miss that).

I also believe that when you are good to yourself, it is easier to be good to others. I often use the airline safety demonstration as an example—you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help someone else with theirs. When you learn love yourself despite your flaws, you are better equipped to love others, warts and all.

So, as I continue on this journey (at the age of 45, I realize this will be a lifelong journey) the plan is to treat myself with the same love and respect that I show my sister-friends. I’m still trying to figure out what that means. (I know it’s more than letting myself sleep in as late as I want and watching Netflix  all day, every day, regardless of my responsibilities. That is indulgence, and it isn’t working so well for me.) I think it’s going to require a healthy mix of loving self-talk, better attention to self-care, and quite a bit discipline. I need to learn to listen to my inner voice; I’ve ignored her for so long, she’s almost stopped talking to me. I need to find my passion again.

I guess that’s part of why I started this silly blog. To track my journey. To hold me to it. Even if no one else reads it, it’ll be good for me.


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