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“Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert.

“Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert..


Nothing Wrong With a Little Self-Love

@TrainingMindful: “If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?” ~ #MayaAngelou #kindness
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I ran across this quote on Twitter way too early this morning, and it made me think. I’m not overly concerned about others being good to me; I’ve finally learned to surround myself with good folk, real folk, and don’t hesitate to issue a firm “girl, bye!” when someone ain’t right. No, I need to be good to me, because I’m a human that deserves to be treated well by everyone, even by my own damn self. Continue reading

Begin with a whimper?

So, I’ve created a blog. Now what?

It seems I’ve used up all of today’s creative energy on simply creating the blog, and now I just want to sleep. I didn’t sleep at all last night, despite my prescribed medication and two Tylenol PMs. I did have a lot going on, like a disagreement with my housemate over my precious little kitten (Mama knows you didn’t do it, Baby Girl!), or trying to adjust to a new bite guard, which I suppose I could write about, but I’m too tired now to even get into it. Continue reading